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Art Decor

Don't neglect the decoration of your walls and you will see how your house will thank you.

Your walls are a fundamental part of your decoration. A well-decorated wall fills the space, distributes the visual weight of the different decorative elements, and balances the areas and environments. And with a few well-combined details, you can fill an entire room very quickly and achieve a functional and striking effect. A metal wall art is perfect for decorate, whether it's an exterior or the interior of your home.

Customize the house by focusing on the wall decoration.

As Deluxeore, we believe that your energy will be renewed with small changes. That's why we strive to create original and inspiring designs for your existing space arrangements!

We have a passion for stylish, fun, and aiming to achieve the 'best' space style for everyone who thinks like us. In Deluxeore, we aim to be a partner not only with our design inspiration but also with our sense of entertainment. Let the metal wall art will dress up your home in a different and modern way, with fun and bright messages or with beautiful and careful shapes.

Therefore, we have some hacking tips for you:

  • If you want to make room more dynamic: Minimalistic black metal decors will add dynamism to the room and free it from stasis. If you have matte-colored and patternless items, for example, a brass-colored metal can create an eye-filling effect.
  • If your room is not getting enough sunlight: Since metals reflect the sunlight entering the room, it creates a feeling of light.
  • If your room is small: A simple metal wall decor with a minimalist design will speed up your work by expanding your imagination. If you focus on artworks with depth in the selection of paintings, you can show your small house much larger.

 The best place for Deluxeore metal wall art is…

 Regardless of the shape and color of the metal decor, you should always allow plenty of space for a spectacular decoration. Do not hang it between many other pictures and other decorative objects. Large metal pictures are most effective when hung over the sofa or the living area. If the decoration is of great height, then a wall that is a little out of place is the most suitable place, for example, over a long low sideboard.

Here is a selection of Deluxeore that includes metal wall decorations with sets of pieces in three dimensions joined together, forming figures in relief with a great deal of detail.